An Initiative of Alameda County Health Care Services Agency


The Care Connect Consumer and Family Fellowship is a 12-month leadership and professional development experience. The Fellowship is designed for consumers and family members who have something to share of their own experience, and want to give back to their community by effecting positive change on the

Alameda County Health Care system. Fellows are health care and social service Medi-cal consumers who receive care from multiple systems within Alameda County such as public health, housing, behavioral health, etc., and family members.

Fellow Project on Shifting the Narrative on Homelessness

Care Connect fellows conducted interviews on the issue of homelessness in our community with providers and Oakland residents and developed a video to share their learnings.


Learning Experience

Through workshops and cohort retreats, fellows will develop the skills needed to contribute as direct experience experts on a variety of Care Connect and partner agency projects for 10-12 hours per month. The fellowship also aims to build fellows’ skills and leadership readiness for the social and human services workforce. Workshops will include health literacy, advocacy and organizing, public speaking and Culturally Affirmative health and human service delivery.

Benefit to Fellows

Fellows will benefit from peer support, mentoring, broadening of their knowledge and skills, and an opportunity to grow professionally. Fellows will qualify for a stipend based on their participation.

Benefit to
Care Connect

Care Connect and partner agencies will have better access to direct service expertise and be able to use fellow insights to improve the consumer and family experience of care. Care Connect will have more information about the ways that it can support genuine partnership with consumers and family members.